Zubeen Garg New Statement, He Is Having Health Issues. Check out what he said…


Finally, Zubeen Garg is live on his official Facebook page. Many of you might think that he was live on the page to tell that he is back to the film industry. But you are wrong.

Let me tell you the purpose of his live video without wasting your time.

This live telecast was done from Mumbai. Yes, Zubeen Da is not feeling very well. But he didn’t mention if he is suffering from any disease in any part of the video.

Well, we all will definitely pray for him. We want him to come back to the industry as soon as possible.

The another and main purpose of the video is to say sorry to his fans and the Raidang pooja committee for being absent in their show. Actually, he had to perform in a show in Raidang. He couldn’t attend it. And he is live on his Facebook page to say sorry to all of his Raidang fans and pooja committee, of course.

Here is what he said in his live video:

“Hi. I am Zubeen Garg. Now I am in Bombay. I am suffering from some illness and taking rest for the same. By this time, I supposed to be at the Raidang Pooja show. But I couldn’t manage to attend the show just because of this illness. But I promise I will do it on my own later on. Sorry again for such inconvenience. Thank you.”

Here is the video.

We all know that how much Zubeen da has done for Assamese film industry. So, it is our duty to pray for his faster recovery.

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