Zubeen Speaks About His Decision To Stop Singing On Camera!


Just a post from Zubeen Garg’s official Facebook account which says he will put himself down from Singing, making music, producing & directing films. The turmoil started over media, social websites & offline too. His popularity & fame among Assamese people is well seen in his grand success of Mission China which is probably the first Assamese film to mark nearly 3 crore collection & which continues to excite the viewers in the 2nd week of its release.

Zubeen Garg is well known for his musical compositions, his philanthropy works during annual calamity of Assam. People of Assam has a place booked for him in their heart which makes him the most popular celebrity of Assam. But his Facebook post which was written as

‘I lived beyond my imaginations. But I think I would stop singing. I would stop making music for you. I would stop making cinema. I would stop changing. I am sorry I tried. I can fall but I can’t fail. Comrades go on’.

Recently a video footage of Zubeen Garg saying that he is done with singing has surfaced on the Internet. He quoted, “Gaan Nagau Eku Nokoru”

Here’s the video.

Following this post the Facebook home page was full of his stories, his followers & fans bearing those sad simile to express their sadness & sorrows over his decision. Well we can’t predict the reason behind his decision but for sure it will effect the empowerment & lifting of Assamese culture in Assam & aboard too. We love you Zubeen Da & wish your comeback soon.

But this all left me to think of Sonu Nigam who once sent 25 tweets of quitting twitter, showing his concern over Twitter’s impartiality.

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