Zubeen Garg Just Announced His Comeback! Colonel Is Back!


After a series of dramatic events and turns, popular Assamese singer Zubeen Garg just took his Facebook page and announced his comeback stating that he will be back.

Couple of days earlier after being surrounded by different controversies, Zubeen announced that he is going to quit working in the entertainment industry which left his fans in shock and utter disbelief. Many wrote heartbreaking posts on social media expressing their disappointment on Zubeen’s sudden decision to leave the industry and stop singing. Zubeen even stated on local Media which quoted, ‘Gaan Nagau, Eku Nokoru’!

Luckily for his fans he just posted about his comeback on his Facebook social media handle.

His post stated, ‘Dnt worry colonel wl be back again.just need sm time to settle my mind.my brain is overloaded due to overwork..jay hind’

Here’s the Facebook Post.

I am sure that ZG fans are very happy right now considering his change of mind. Zubeen is definitely a very important part of Assamese film industry and a major uplifting factor.

All we can say now is that we are very glad that everything is fine now and hope we just had a happy ending.

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