Zubeen Da is back and with a new song!*


A good news for Zubeen Da’s lover.He is again back with a hit. No doubt he is one of the most influential singer of Assam.He is multi-talented. He can sing in various languages. His songs never fails to creat a good impression in front of his fans.
His new song ‘AkuliBikuli’ is rocking among the peoples. ‘AkuliBikuli’ by Zubeen and Nahid Afrin from Priyar priyo is trending at 7 on YouTube.


Here is the link. Do watch

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Its our duty to encourage Assam’s Film industry to the national level.
Everybody is so busy with bollywood and Hollywood that they forgot own custom and tradition. So, share this video as much as you can. Make the people of Assam feel proud. Joi ai axom!

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