This Work Done By Zubeen Garg Will Make You Respect Him More!


Once again Zubeen Garg proved his kindness to the needy and poor ones. A poor lady was being helped with foods, medicines, clothes and financial support.

Pinky Begum, a lady from Sivasagar was suffering from some serious disease for more than 10 days. She has no way to fight this disease. So, she asked for someone’s help. And she has no one to take care of her except her small son.

And as usual, Zubeen da landed a hand to that poor lady. The members of Zubeen Garg fan club, Sivasagar helped the lady with the basic requirements and financial support. They even take the lady to AMC, Dibrugarh for better treatment.

Here is the post on Zubeen da’s official Facebook page.

May the god grant her quick recovery. Here is one request to all the readers. The lady needs blood. Anyone, who is willing to donate please contact ANSHUMAN GOGOI [Ph No.: 7002053056] or NEELAM KAKOTI [Ph No.: 9706115114]. Unfortunately, the blood group is not mentioned anywhere. So, it is my request to all the donors to contact the mentioned persons for more information.

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