What’s Wrong With Assam Jail Security?


We have heard and seen in channels like NatGeo or discovery about smuggling drugs into jails. But now such shameful incidents are taking place in Assam itself.

Jitumoni Deka, the warden of Guwahati central jail was indicted on 14th October 2017, on charges of smuggling drugs into jail.

Jitumoni was caught in the act by the Baisista police and nabbed 5 containers full of heroin(Drugs) on Saturday.

Another employs Faruk, of Guwahati Central Jail, has also been arrested by the cop for his embroilment in the drug racket and for assisting Mr.Deka.

Isn’t the jail security responsible too for such act? Today, they are smuggling drugs into jail. Who knows if tomorrow someone supplies guns and bombs to the prisoners which may lead to some serious emergency situations.

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