What Happens To The Mobile Theatre In Assam


The business of mobile theatre in Assam is very popular in all over the India. The mobile theatre has been contributing to the development of art and culture of Assam since many years. Mobile theatre of Assam is a pride for every Assamese people staying in all over the world. The success of performing such a theatre is possible with the contribution of nearly 150 members together. In any group of theatre, everyone contributes in their own way.
But since last few years, it is noticed that the mobile theatre of Assam is becoming a controversial topic. Mobile theatre has become a topic for criticism either in print media or in social media every day. As a result of this some of the actors and actresses have diverged from the mobile theatre, as well as some of the audiences also have left watching these theatres. Among them, Rabi Sharma and Barsha Rani Biashaya are the very popular actor and actress respectively. And as they left working in mobile theatre, it has become a topic of controversy.

Likewise, we find such criticizing topics very often in social media as well as print media. Though the mobile theatre of Assam has a good image in India it’s creating controversy in Assam.

May there are some more actors and actresses who have left working in mobile theatre and are not much popular, but in these days the controversy is especially on Rabi Sharma and Barsha Rani Biashaya.

People pass many questions to them in interviews and make their answers again a topic for criticism.

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