Welcome To Assam! This Six Points Will Make You Proud To Be An Assamese.


Assam! Whenever we hear this name the first image that comes to the mind of other people is a jungle, a flood-prone area, or a backwards state. But we Assamese know how beautiful is Assam and how soothing is its scenery.
Here are some beautiful and unknown fact about Assam which will change people’s mindset.

1. The Kaziranga National Park.

One-horned Rhino – Kaziranga

One of the most visited tourist spot of Assam famous for its unique one-horned rhino! The scenery of Kaziranga is very beautiful and magnificent. It’s worth visiting. Many other animals are also found here but the special thing about it is it’s one horn rhino.

2.Asia’s oldest refinery-Digboi.

Yes, you are right. Asia’s oldest refinery is located in a small town of Assam called Digboi. Asper some old legends the Britishers would tell the labourers “dig, boy, dig” and from that, the name “Digboi” was coined.
It is also known as “The oil city of Assam”. It’s developed infrastructure, beautiful landscape and cleanliness are surely going to fascinate you.

3.World’s largest river island- Majuli.

Majuli Island

Located in the magnificent and beautiful river of India “The Brahmaputra” is famous for its vivid scenic beauty, greenery all around, which attracts tourist from all over the world. Majuli is a strong contender for UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE SITE. This amazing place is surely going to make you feel you are in another world. Majuli is also known as the “Cultural Capital of Assam”. You will find many Sattras( a religious and cultural institution which is concerned with the dissemination of the principles and devotional practices of Neo-Vaishnavism – a religious movement which has had a strong impact on the religious and socio-cultural life of people of Assam since the 15th century.)

Once in a life, every one must visit this place.

4.Has it’s own national anthem.

অ’ মোৰ আপোনাৰ দেশ

Yes, you are right. Assam has its own national anthem “O MUR APUNAR DEX”
Composed by Assam’s famous writer Laxminath Bezborua. Almost in every school, this song is sung by the students in the morning assembly.
5. A place with mix-culture.


Assam is unique for its mix culture. A place where everybody enjoys their life peacefully. It is home to various culture, caste and religion. There is a strong bond among all the people which make this state free from any type of discrimination. Every kind of festival is celebrated here.
Basically, they are altogether known as “Axomiya”

6.Land of tea.

Tea Garden

Tea of Assam is world famous and have a huge demand all over the world. As per statistics, more than 52% of the tea produced in India comes from Assam.
The greenery and vivid view of the tea state will surely make you fall in love with them. You can go and visit various tea state to enjoy its scenery and to know how teas are produced.

“Last but not the least, many people regards Assam as a jungle, a flood-prone state or a rape-state. People should change their mindset. Visit Assam once. Enjoy its beauty. You will get to know what Assam is. Appreciate Assam, help it to grow. And make India proud”

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