Top Three Breathtaking Scary Places in Assam!


Assam is a place which is famous for its wildlife, beauty, scenery, culture and many more magnificient things. But there are many more mystries which never fails to enthral us. Even in Assam we will find various Haunted places and sites. This article is must for adventure loving person and they must visit these places once in there life. Here we go.

The Mystrious Jungle – Jathinga

Situated in the Dimas Hasao district, a well populated area famous for its bizzare incidents. This place is famous all over the world and is commonly known Birds Sucide Place. These paranormal activites basically takes place when the night is dark and a bit foggy. These suicidal incidents basically takes place between 6pm-9pm. The suicide of birds are an unknown and unexplained mystery till today. The birds simply fall off the sky. Many scientists and experts have visited the place and attempted to solve the puzzle, but none have been successful in providing us the right answer to this mystery
Isn’t it Scary?

Hahim Picnic Spot

Another atractive haunted spot, situated a few miles away from Guwahati had become one of the worst nightmare for the people of Guwahati. Many people have enountered various abnormal activities. It is very beautiful during day but once it is dark it becomes the place of devils.


Mayong – The land of black magic

Many of us are familiar with the place Mayong, also regarded as the capital of black magic. ‘Mayong’ is a sanskrit word means ‘illusion’. This place is famous for its dark magic(maya) and traditions. Asper some local legends, the person who is master in black magic spell( tantra mantras) can even transform a human being into animal and can do many more activities which are quite impractical for us.

So guys, what do you think? Aren’t they pretty scary? Would you like to go and visit these Scary Haunted Places of Assam? If yes then All The best!

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