Top 3 Richest People Of Assam


Top 3 richest people of Assam 

  1. Miss.Anjana Bora: 

Owner of Brahmaputra Television Network.

Yearly income- 6,18,31,740/- (Approx.)

Income tax-2,28,63,600/- (Approx.)

2. Mr.Bhagya Kalita: 

He is businessman.He is running BK sons infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

Yearly income- 5,77,31,460/- (Approx.)

Income tax- 2,09,39,754/- (Approx.)

3. Shiv Prakash Mittal:

Owner of greenply industry Ltd and has been its executive chairman since february 2007.

Yearly income- 5,31,55,000/- (Approx.)

Income tax- 1,74,49,006/- (Approx.)

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