This pictures are enough to prove that Indians are the king of JUGAAD



Jugaad is quite a common term in India used for developing an innovative work-around for solving a problem that needs more resources. Indian jugaad has now become part of mainstream discussions and seminars. You will often find innovative tricks and work-around in rural areas where there is a lack of resources. People making use of thrown objects and useless things to create a work-around for their benefit.

Here are some top pics of desi Indian jugaad for you.

1. Pappu pass ho gaya

2. Aab tu UJALA hoke hi rahega 


3. PK sala! 

4. Giant step for mankind…

5. CPU fan is damaged? koi baat nehi… jugaad hai

6. Salam Saheeb…

7. Salute Mr. Grandmaster

8. Baas kar bhai…had hoti hai 

9. Picture bhi kuch waisi wali laga leti

10. Aab bass bhi kar yar…

11. Din me Motor, raat me Cycle

12. Pappu fully fit…

13. Aaise remote tu har ghar me hona chahiye

14. Four wheeler ka bada shouk hai..

15. Kaun kehta hai CD useless hai..


16. Kamaal hai yaar..

17. Tu bass rahende…

18. Hero Hunda bicycle 

19. Are iss me tu break bhi hai..


So, this are some of the top pictures of what an Indian can do and nobody else can. Feel free to share it.

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