This Nalbari boy scored 94 marks in mathematics, but he did not appear for the exam


Scam in SEBA? Its ok man. But scam in AHSEC? Totally unexpected. Here is a news which will blow off your mind.
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AHSEC results were just out. One amazing news came to hear about that one student didnt appear for mathematics exam. But he was given 94 out of 100 marks. Yes, you got it correctly. He got 94 marks without writing the exam paper.
A Nalbari boy, Arnab Kapil, completed his +2 with science stream from Guwahati Cotton College. He didnt appear for maths exam because maths was his 4th subject. And by the rule of AHSEC, it is not compulsory to write your 4th subject exam.
When Arnab got his mark sheet, he was just shocked. Then he rushed to AHSEC office to get it rectified. Salute to this student for his honesty and gentility.
Arnab, a rank holder, who secured 9th position in AHSEC exam. This proves how intelligent he is.

Same case happened with a Silchar girl, but in opposite way. She wrote mathematics exam but her mark sheet showing that she was absent. After complaining to the board, she got it rectified. She secured 6th position in her region.
Mistakes were done by everybody. But if someone is doing intentionally, he must be punished.
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