The chronic illegal immigrants problem of Assam


One & a half year passed, still no dealings on the promises of deporting illegal immigrants, Amit Shah made in a general meeting in Guwahati during the 2016 pre poll of Assam.

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While in mid we heard Himanta Biswa Sharma speaking regarding it. He said ‘ With the increasing number of Muslim Bangladeshi immigrants, Hindu population in Assam is in fear of extinction & will soon be a minority in Assam’. From 34% of Hindus & 29.89% of Muslims illegal migrants between 1961-1971 to 10.89% of Hindus & 29.59% of Muslims illegal migrants between 2001-2011, there is a huge increase of Muslim Bangladeshi over these years & his words on this regard are noteworthy.

But the most hilarious comment of him which left Akhil Gogoi, peasant leader & Samujjal Bhattacharya, president of AAlSU to take on roads is  ‘Hindu Immigrants of Bangladesh will get their citizenship because holding Gita on their hands they won’t be welcomed in any part of world rather than India’. Expressing their concern over this, KMSS & AASU said that giving it a religious colour would not be accepted.

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The ever changing Brahmaputra makes it hard & difficult to fence the borders of Assam & to cutoff all the illegal links with Bangladesh. The unfenced borders of Assam & Bangladesh provides a open way in for the illegal immigrants since 1951 thus increasing the population of Assam.

According to the accord made by Rajiv Gandhi, ASSU & Assam Gana Sangram Parishad in 1985, all Assam residents who had entered the state until January 1, 1966, would be granted citizenships. Those who came between 1966 to 1971 would be disenfranchised for 10 years. But those who came to Assam after 1971 would be detected & deported.

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The process of National Register of Citizens (NRC) was put forward to curb the ever growing illegal immigrants but here too we do see deception.   Of the 33 million people who have registered for NRC, a large number posses fake or forged documents. Even in some cases 50 person stated that they are the children of same individual. Most of such cases are found in lower Assam Districts like Barpeta. Detection of such forge should come into play or else NRC in unworthy.

Steps should be taken to control the increasing illegal immigrants as we an Assamese do feel insecure about our identity in Assam. Immigrants gaining citizenship will not be tolerated be it a Muslim or Hindu.


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