Tata Trust to Invest Rs 540 cr in the Health Sector of Assam for Cancer Patients


One of the India’s biggest public charitable trust that is the Tata Trust will develop the facilities similar to the Tata Memorial Hospital in Assam. This will benefit the thousands of cancer patients in the state to get access to the treatment of the cancer in their own region of the state. Otherwise they have to come to the Tata Memorial Hospital which is located in the Mumbai.

At first they have decided to set up a three level cancer care grid and a South East Asian Cancer research centre in the state. State health and family welfare minister Himanta Biswa Sharma told that with the initial investment of Rs 540 cr, the state government will set up 50-bedded cancer hospitals in the existing six medical colleges in the state. The cancer hospitals will be equipped with facilities like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical oncology and medication required to deal with complicated cancer cases.


While Assam registers 30,000 new cancer cases every year, there is requirement of providing cancer care to 80,000 patients annually, the state government has been unable to provide these cancer care due to inadequate infrastructure and facilities.

The health minister added “Once we are able to create the three level cancer care grid and South East Asian Cancer Research Centre, the state will be able to provide the best cancer care to the 80,000 patients annually.

The Trust has assured the state government to provide all kinds of other logistic and other technical support including advanced training to doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff to ensure quality cancer care in the state. The Trust will make cancer care investment in the state with ‘no profit no loss’ motif.

In this auspicious joint investment Assam government is also committing to make an equal contribution. Now people are eagerly waiting to see a breakthrough in the health sector of the state      

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