Sukhoi Su-30 crushed, Pilot’s dead bodies were found. Is Russia at fault?


Sukhoi Su-30, an Indian Air Force jet, went missing with 2 onboard pilots near Tezpur Airbase on 28 may.
According to a defense spokesperson and deputy commisionar of Sonitpur district, the plane went missing at 11:30am, around 60 km north of the IAF base from where it had taken off.

Search and rescue teams found the dead body of two pilots, Squadron Leader D Pankaj and Flight Lieutenant S Achudev found near Assam-Arunachal border. They also managed to find out the black box of Su-30 one a sense forest.

Sukhoi-30 is a Russian-made, twin engine jet meant for all weather, air-to-air, surface-to-surface missions. The first Su-30 planes were inducted by IAF in late 1990s.
Since their induction, seven crushes have been taken place. An inquiry into the plane accidents has primarily indicated the technical failure of the cause.
Reports says, due to some technical defects, they couldn’t initiate the ejection and they went down and got fatal injuries which results in death.

Allegations are being made if Russia did this intentionally. A report committee has been set up for further investigation.

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