The Story behind the Assamese Word ‘Kela’


Kela is one of the most used swear word in Assamese language. The meaning of the word has always a bit of mystery. It is a multipurpose word that can be used to express felling of different sort in different moments to increase the gravity of the situation. There is a legends come out recently in internet about the word ‘Kela’.

Many years ago, British ruled in India. At that time, a British Sahib in Assam hired a few young youths to work at his tea estate. The workers did not work properly and they used to talking with each other while working. After a few days he called all of them and said “This is unacceptable. You are callous.”

The meaning of word callous is insensate. The workers thought that callous was a swear word and they were all being referred as ‘Kelas’. In such way kela was caught fancy and rest is history. Now,’ Kela’ is believed to be a swear word .People of Assam assume the meaning of the word ‘kela’ is a dick or panis.

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