These scientists who made Assam proud .


Assam is known all over the world for it’s rich culture,one horned rhino,tea garden etc.How ever Assam is also known for producing some talented scientist like-

1)Jitendra Nath Goswami-Dr. Jitendra Goswami is an Assamese scientist .He was the chief scientist of Chandrayaan-1,and also was developer of this project.

2)Musahid Ahmed-Dr.Ahmed is a scientist who is from Assam and now working as a senior scientist at Lewrence Berkeley National Laboratory,California,USA.He is in USA since 1995.

3)Rongmon Bordoloi-Assamese scientist Rongmon Bordoloi,who was awarded by NASA Hubble fellowship in 2015, has led break through research that for the 1st time has been able to predict when the Black Hole’s ”last big meal”took place.

So,keep doing work like this,and make proud Assam.God bless you all. Jaii Aai Axom.

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