I would not say that paranormal activities does not exist. There is a question or fear always comes in our minds from childhood that paranormal Activities do exist or not. On TV or YouTube, we see whatever about the Paranormal activities , maybe it’s not wrong.

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Some people have tried to feel the power of Spirits by Spirit calling. According to some of them it’s all fake and as well as some of them said that yes we have feel the power of paranormal activity .

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A few days back on YouTube a video about Bloody Marry went viral. They said that if u go to a closed room and say BLOODY MARRY 3 times at the time of 3.00 am to 3.30 am then we will see the spirit of BLOODY MARRY. I also tried this but I have not seen anything like it. so from my experience it’s 100% fake but I also thought that perhaps all this might be true and the spirit shows up only in ENGLAND because BLOODY MARRY was from ENGLAND.

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At some places some people rather believe that there is a paranormal activities on like some railway stations , hospitals , police stations , schools , some big trees , roads etc etc. If we ask the people of the places about this activities they’ll tell us some old stories which they believe. That people believe might have perhaps stories are true.

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at the last I want to say that paranormal activities is exist spirits are exist but they have a different world . They can’t come in our world and If somehow they has come into our world sometimes might have some people see them. So paranormal activities is exist for the people who have saw them and for the people who have never saw them, paranormal activities is not exist.


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