Outlook of Secret Superstar: A detailed Review


When most of the film enthusiast has lost their faith in the credibility of Indian Cinema after watching films like Tubelight, Harry met Sejal, Baadshaho & Judwaa 2, SECRET SUPERSTAR is here to restore that lost faith. No matter films like Tubelight, Harry Met Sejal have shown their dominance in the box office but equally failed to meet the expectations of the audience.

Meanwhile, SECRET SUPERSTAR is of different kind adding spicy to spectators in a level of its own. A film that signifies & glorified the term ‘DREAM’ and the prerogative to achieve it. Starring Aamir Khan, Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij & Raj Arjun, Secret Superstar is not of fantasy but of a girl from a Muslim menage who dares to dream to be a singer where her mother helps out to every possible extent by gifting her a guitar at the age of 6 yrs & a laptop later by selling her necklace which her father gifted her mother. But her father doesn’t support her at all instead he tears up the strings of the guitar when he finds that her poor performance in school is due to her craziness for singing & orders her to break her laptop when he found that her mother bought it by selling her necklace.

She uploads her first singing video in Youtube by wearing a burqa which was her mother’s idea only to hide her identity. Later her video roars in social media getting a huge response from people around. Meanwhile, she gets a tweet from Shakti Kumar,(Aamir Khan) a renowned singer but hated by people for his outer dirty personality, praising her for her hidden talents. She too hates him & ignores his tweet. Later her hate turns into a profound liking & love for him when her friend convinced her that she can’t judge a person by others perception & when she meets him personally & find him a person totally different from what people think of him.

What is more interesting & impressive is Shakti’s personality & acting which will make you feel for an instance that this is not the Aamir Khan we knew. His motions, expressions & most importantly his golden hairstyle is just enough to compensate the price of your ticket & Zaira Wasim’s acting is just a level high & will definitely make you fall in love with her.

The film discloses the evil society & their iniquity thinking that girls should not be allowed to dream & the hardships every mother takes in bringing up their child (be a girl or a boy) to fulfil their desired dream. The depth of emotions is intense in this film, a mixture of Drama, Tragedy, Music & comedy. If you are looking for a good film this is the one you should go for. Do watch it. But remember Dream is like breathe without which you can’t live in.

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