NRC – The process Simplified


It was a cold morning in early November. I was riding my bicycle. The cold air & dense fog which I had to battle to keep my cycle moving was not an irregular experience. But that day I didn’t go out with a hope that I’ll encounter someone. The birds were chirping & the environment was calm enough to make me heard of a feeble & ailing voice calling my name. I turned around to find an old man wearing the traditional attire of a Muslim- a lungi, a kurta & a white cap over his head which confirms that he had just offered his FAZAR namaj. He approached me & to show my pretending respect I got my hands off from my bicycle & greeted him in my conventional way by saying ‘ASSALAMU ALAIKUM’. Clearly, the old man was unknown to me. Maybe his closeness to my father & his wrong imagination about me as a boy of tranquil character gave him a ray of hope to approach me. At least I was rejoicing the fact that in a world where everyone thinks themselves to be a superior, there is someone who asked for my assistance.

Expressing his griefs & his fear of being thrown away from India by terming him as a D-Voter, he asked about NRC. I was mute to speak on a topic which doesn’t cover my syllabus & then I thought of consoling him by saying ‘Chacha you need not be worried about NRC. If you are a genuine Indian you won’t be thrown away…. ….well before I could complete I was interrupted by him saying “Today we had to suffer because of Politicians. I was not ready to accept the fact but then I thought, by disagreeing with him there are more chances I would lose my achievement as a good & calm boy which I had gained in his perspective. So I decided to back him by saying ‘YES’, it’s because of them. After a few decent talks, we moved our own way.

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But what surprises me is that whenever I ask someone regarding NRC, without knowing it they blame certain people in Politics.
We need to understand that it’s not because of certain politicians & if a Bill has to be passed, it requires a full majority of both the houses. So politicians are bound by the constitution & they have nothing to do of their own. Now if we go by the constitution & the citizenship act of 1985 which give special provision to a citizenship of a person covered by the Assam Accord, it clearly states that any person of Indian origin who came to Assam before 1 st January 1966 from Bangladesh & who have been ordinarily resident in Assam since the date of the entry shall be deemed to be citizens of India as from 1 st January 1966 & a person who came to Assam on or after 1 st January 1966 but before 25th March 1971 from Bangladesh & who has been ordinarily resident in Assam since the date of his/her entry into Assam & if he/she is detected as foreign he/she should register them. Such person who has registered shall be deemed as a citizen of India.

As we are approaching towards the approval of the Citizenship Amendment Bill of 2016 in parliament’s winter session which will allow illegal migrants belonging to the Hindu, Sikh, Buddist, Jain, Parsi or Christain religious communities coming from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, or Pakistan not to be imprisoned or deported contradicting the Assam Accord of 1985. The Bill, however, doesn’t talk about Muslim migrants, Jews & Bahais & it will create a brew among the people of Assam if it gets passed because passing this bill would bring the indigenous Assamese people in the fear of extinction.

But I am confident & hopeful that the process of NRC will end up peaceful without creating any ruckus & chaos keeping the interest of every section of society. There is no need to worry about. Genuine Indians will be protected at any cost & illegal migrants will be thrown out irrespective of religion, caste & language.


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