Mrs. India Home Makers 2017 from Assam was brutally abused


The Winner of the Mrs. India Home Makers,2017 was brutally abused by miscreants in an incident on the evening of 16th October,2017 at Bhangaghar,Guwahati.

She said in an interview that around 4 pm she received a call from her tenant stating that a group of 40 people forcefully entered the tenant’s house and started destroying the property. When she arrived at the spot and confronted the people but they abused her verbally and attached her with an iron rod and telling that the property belongs to them. She had serious injuries and was rescued by her father and some locals.

Till their arrival, she was fighting alone with the group of 40 men and shamelessly no one came for her help. She also told that she would have died if her family didn’t arrive there at time. Meanwhile, the men fled away immediately from the spot. She also stated that a police complain has been lodged and the authorities are trying their best to catch those attachers

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