Maya Nagari Mayong(The land of black magic)


In northeastern India there is place Assam is Mayong known as “The land of black magic” the untouched, secluded village of Mayong holds one of the oddest magical backstories on the planet.While some people of Mayong pass down the skills of crafting and farming to the next generation ,but some other people of Mayong pass down sorcery and magic to the town’s youth.

Many historian said that name Mayong oriented from the sankrit word “Maya”which means illusion. This certainly seems to be the case in Mayong, where, according to legend, people have been morphed into animals, monstrous beasts have been tamed, and men have disappeared into thin air by uttering “Luki Mantra.”

According to legend, witches and the saints of black magic took place in the Mayong many years ago. In 1337, Muhammad Shah’s army of 100,000 horsemen perished at the hands of witchcraft in a location near Mayong, evidence to the village’s locals of the high prevalence of black magic in the area.

Doctors are also abundant in Mayong. Local healers treat pain by placing a copper dish on the source of the injury and wait for the dish to “eat away” the pain

Every year, a lot of Indians travel to Mayong either to practice black magic and learn the secrets of witchcraft or to visit the adjacent Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, which hosts the world’s densest population of Indian rhinos. In fact, the animals and magic of Mayong often go hand in hand. This can be seen at the Mayong-Pobitora Festival.

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