Girls Dancing Bihu-Bhangra in Assamese Holy Dihanaam


As we know Dihanaam is a type of congregational prayer sung by women in Assam in praise of the Assamese saint Sankardev. Instruments like the Negera, taal, khol and also hand-clapping is used in it. The songs are derived from Vaishnava religious scriptures like Kirtan-ghosa. The songs are sung in call and response style.

But here you will able to see a different type of Dihanaam.During Naam the Naam party of Bhuragaon (Morigaon) singing Assamese bihu song instead of Dihanaam. Two girl stood up in Naam and dancing Bhangra. It was like insulting Saint Shankardev. Assamese society will never accept it.

Here is the video. In case, the video doesn’t load, here is the link to download video.

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