Five unknown facts about Zubeen Garg


Zubeen Garg who is known as a singer,composer,songwriter,music producer,film director,film producer and also a actor.His singing contributions are mostly in Assamese,Bengali and bollywood movie.He has acted in several assamese movie.We are going to know 5 unknown facts about Zubeen Garg-

1.Anamika is the first music album of Zubeen Garg(Year 1992).

2.Mon jai-the 56th national award winning film as the best regional assamese film,Zubeen Garg played the lead role.

3.’Strings-Bound by Faith’ is the only Hindi movie,music composed by Zubeen Garg.

4.The first Zubeen Garg directed drama in assamese mobile theatre is Devdas(Brindaban theatre,2014).

5.Zubeen Garg won the Rajat Kamal national award in 2007 for the film ‘Echoes of Silence’in the best music direction,non feature film category.

Thank you Zubeen Da.

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