Few years ago our beloved Zubeen da had a dream which appeared in the reality on 8th September 2017 by breaking all the records of our stagnant assamese film industry.”MISSION CHINA-kill the terror the block buster movie created a breakthrough in the history of assamese films. Here we have some reasons behind the making of the blockbuster-

1. It was Zubeen da’s childhood dream to make an assamese film which has VFX, colour and sound like Hollywood movies.

2. Zubeen da wanted to see assamese film industry like south of course a film industry can some of the unemployment issues. Where young people can of Assam can join a job in the film industry.

3. Our venturesome Zubeen da love to take risks. Infect he used to say that the man who cannot take the risk in life can never achieve anything in life and obviously releasing the cinema was a very risky thing at that situation.

4. Another success is that six new cinema halls are going to be opened after witnessing the huge crowd for MISSION CHINA. Zubeen da’s target is to open minimum 100 new cinema halls in Assam and he included that then only we can think for big pictures in Assam.

5. Zubeen da also emphasis on GUARANTEE in film making, or informally “pay to play” contract which means if an actor, director, or other participant is fired from the contract without being responsible then that guarantees remuneration as a compensation for the loss of the artist. This system works in Bollywood and Tollywood which gives security to the artist. This system is not implemented in Assam because it has no big production. By releasing Mission China he proved the government and seeks for the GUARANTEE system in film making to attract more people.

The creator of the film was Zubeen da but now it has become the film of people of Assam and this is the triumph of Zubeen da and his entire team; we salute you.    

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