Five Mind-blowing Facts About Mahatma Gandhi


On Mahatma Gandhi’s 148 birth anniversary let us see some interesting fact about the men who led India to freedom.

1)Gandhi did not celebrate the moment of independence,and also he was not in Delhi.

2)M.Gandhi married kasturba ,when she is 14 and Gandhi was 13 year old.Gandhi did not like her much,but when the couple started exploring the pleasure of sexuality,then she gives birth three years later her 1st child,but the child did not survive long.

3)Gandhi walked for 40 years nearly 18 km everyday for movement,And he also thought that walking was the king of exercise.

4)Gandhi wrote a letter to Hitler to avoid war and to be peaceful.But the letter did not reached because of an interaction by the British Government.

5)Britain released a stamp honoring Gandhi’s 100 birthday.

He gave up his all royalty for the sake of India to give us freedom.You may died but you are forever in our heart.


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