Delhi Supreme Court Has Given Important Instructions About the Blue Whale Game


The Blue Whale Game is believed to be a game of death or suicide. It is an internet game claimed to exist in several countries. It is a 50 day challenged game. On the final day participant has to committed suicide. Delhi Supreme court has given important instruction about the blue whale game.

The court has given order to central government to formation of a special committee. This committee is going to take action to stop the violation of the blue whale game. The court has sent notice to the state government about this. Advocate Sneha Kalita filed a written application about this.

No one completely know behind the truth, how to a participant plays the game. But it may be social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp where administrators get in touch with the participant who wanted to play the game. There is no confirmation of the existence of the game. According to a source, India is ranked no 1 where people play the game most. So, we have to beware from this game.

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