Craze for NO SHAVE NOVEMBER? Know the reason behind it.




  • Every body is busy uploading their Pictures on social media flaunting their beards by putting a #NoSaveNovember , but  only few people knows the reason behind it.


Asper the official site of No Shave November, “the Hill family, eight children from Chicago, lost their father, Matthew Hill in November 2007 tocolon cancer. Struck by tragedy, these children decided to start a charity that uses No-Shave November to raise money for cancer research. The Hill family partners with the following organizations: Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Together, they search for a cure for cancer.”


Now you people are thinking that how does it works?? And why only men took part in this ?? No even a women can took part in this initiative.

The simple goal behind this month is to spread awareness of cancer by letting the body hair grow. You just need to put down your razor for a month. One can donate the cost of groomimg its beard or the cost of razor or in simple sense they can donate their expenses of grooming to nearby cancer awareness camp to educate the mass about cancer and to help the people who are fighting with it. A women can say no to waxing and let her body hair grow and can donate   the expenses related to waxing. One can open its own fund and can help the needy ones or he can simply donate the amount to the nearby center.


Don’t  you think its a very good initiative by the people?? Just think if every person will start contributing ,they can raise a huge amount in turn it will put a smile in millions of cancer patients. So say No to Shave  and let your hair grow wild and put smile on others face.

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