Captain Cool Slept on the Floor of Chennai Airport! Read to Know the Full Story


Once again ‘Captain cool’ proved his coolness. Most of us aware of the last incident when MS Dhoni took a nap on the playground itself when India defeated Sri Lanka. Many of his fans posted his picture of the same on social media platform.
The latest incident took place at Chennai Airport. MS Dhoni slept on the floor of the airport when they are on the way to Kolkata after defeating Australia and taking a lead of 1-0.
This shows the simplicity of MS Dhoni. Yes, all other players were also taking rest but MS Dhoni just crossed the limits of simplicity. Despite earning crores of rupees he never hesitates to sleep on the airport floor.
This time, even BCCI couldn’t stop themselves from tweeting about this incident.
Here is the tweet:

In case tweet doesn’t load, here is the photo:

MSD Sleeping on the floor
MSD Sleeping on the floor

And here is what fans are saying:


Net worth!






Beware of the Airport Celling!



The Coolest Captain Award!



Well, What’s his problem?



Nothing Changed!



The legend on the ground!



The ‘Tag a Friend’ posts!



A whole universe on Earth!



Wake-up BCCI



2019 World cup



Indian Politics



Well, these are the tweets which really caught our attention. Some of them are funny, some are aggressive. What do you think about Captain Cool?
Let us know.

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