These brands are better than their western counterparts


People in India have a thing for western brands even if the Indian versions may be better and cheaper.But we like to use western brands although Indian brands are better than that…let’s see the comparison of the Indian and western brands.

1)Condoms-kamasutra is an Indian brand is the best in bed.Durex from the United Kingdom isn’t anywhere even close to our Bhartiya brand!

2)Cold Drinks- coke been of any good rather than making pegs with it? It’s good enough to add to your whiskey or rum but can you taste the thunder with coke? Thunder is and shall always be a Thumbs Up thing! With Thumbs up we like to keep things ‘Toofani’

3)Cosmetics-When we see a foreign name then we go for it.We like the name Lòréal because its french? Even Himalayan gives us the same advantage.


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