Bollywood Actors Lost Control in Sexual Scene During Shooting


We always have a question in our mind that how actor’s manage themselves in sexual scene during shooting.Are they lose control.? Answer is some time it goes wild during shooting.
Let’s see……….

1.Vinod khanna with Madhuri Dixit while shooting for Dayavan

The actor lost control over his emotions during shooting.During shooting the actors bit Madhuri’s lips and hold her tight.

2.Ranjit with Madhuri Dixit in Prem Pratigya

During a rape scene when Ranjit’s lust took over the former and he started forcing himself on Madhuri . Madhuri was shocked and she had to struggle to save herself.

3.Siddharth with Jacqueline in A Gentleman

Time has changed actor’s didn’t find embarrassing to perform a intimate scene on screen. A recent case of Siddharth and Jacqueline hugging and kissing each other madly during a shoot made headlines. The duo continued their lip lock despite the director shouting “cut”.

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