Benazir Arfan has been SUSPENDED from the Party for Supporting Rohingya Muslims

Benazir Arhan

BENAZIR ARFAN has been suspended by Assam BJP for showing solidarity with the “feelings” of terrorised Muslims of Rohingya. Yes, a leader has been suspended just for showing her unity of feelings with the Muslim community of Rohingya.

Benazir Arhan

Benazir, an Assam state BJP executive associated with the party since 2012, got a suspension letter through WhatsApp from the state president of BJP(Assam) Mr Ranjeet Kumar Das. A suspension letter and that too through WhatsApp!!

After receiving the letter through WhatsApp, Benzair Arfan stated, “I have been insulted and will take this issue up at the highest level of the party.

The case has begun when Arfan participated in a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to support the terrorised Muslims of Myanmar’s Rakhine province financially or in any other possible ways. Many of the refugees of Rakhine province entered in India for shelter and food. But our great government’s decision is to send back those helpless people back to be killed by those demons. However, a petition has been filed against it in the supreme court of India.

Arfan clarifies the matter. She stated, “I posted a message on Facebook asking people to join in. Inadvertently, I used the wrong word ‘protests’ for what was a prayer meeting.

The organiser of this program was an NGO, named United Minority Peoples Forum. And Guwahati based, of course.

Well, the letter goes like this:

As a BJP member you posted on social media seeking support for a program organised by another organisation in connection with a problem related to Myanmar, you didn’t initiate any discussion about it at any party platform.
Since you acted against the party rule and ideology, you have been suspended from the party.”

In response, Benazir said, “The whole exercise is driven by personal gains. The local BJP unit is driven with favouritism and anyone who questions the power, that will be pulled up for small mistakes like I have done.

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