Attention Internet Users! Some of Your Activities over Internet may be illegal. Find out what are they?


Human life has totally been revolutionised with the introduction of Internet. Our life is so easy that within a blink of an eye we can get information of anything from anywhere in the world.

However surfing internet has also some specific law and rules assigned to it which changes frequently.Crossing that limit is an illegal and can lend you in a big trouble.

Today we are here to discuss some of the illegal activity of internet which you should avoid while surfing internet.

Hold on your breath and find out what are they.

1.Connecting to a private non-secured Wifi

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Assume you are standing somewhere, feeling bored and just took your mobile out from the pocket and switched your wifi on.Found that ‘Lilimai pvt ltd ‘ wifi signal is in the list which is unprotected without password and it is open.You will just connect it .Do you think that you did right?Actually in true sense you are stealing the internet which its bill is paid by lilimai it is illegal.So immediately stop that habit because it can lend you in big problem someday.

2.Downloading images from other sites

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Remember before downloading images from other site, that the images are copyright protected so that others can’t use it to promote without their prior permissions. To use their images you must take a permission from the image authority or else it is illegal .However these days watermark is used to avoid misuse of the images.

3.Using the domain names which are already registered as trademark 

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Before choosing a domain make sure that whether it is trademarked by some other big company or not. Registering an already trademarked domain is a crime.

4.Faking your original IP Address

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In a motive to access the content which are banned by the country if you fake your internet IP address to some other country and accessed the content then, I must tell you that you are commiting a horrible crime. And it is completely illegal .

5.Downloading from Torrent sites

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Actually torrenting is absolutely legal untill and unless you are viewing the non-copyrighted content but if you access copyrighted content then it is illegal. However Govt. Of india has banned some of the torrents site last year but if somehow you access these site then it can drive you to Jail with a capital punishment of worth 3 lakhs.

6.Using an ad blocker

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Yes you heard it right. Blocking ad is also an illegal in some of the countries.Let me clearly make you understand how it is illegal. Take an example of our site ‘Lilimai’, all day our admins work hard to entertain you and do you know the main source of income for the site  is the advertisement and that also if you block it how will they   maintain the page without a single penny. Relax guys, in India blocking ads is not declared as illegal. However while using any ad blocker just think once that you are hurting the site by freely viewing the content which is extracted by hard works.

7.Cyberbullying: Stop that right now

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While I was studying in Class-12, I could not believe that i was threatened by my best friend ‘G***ey bhai’ in facebook. Actually he created a fake facebook account and send me offensive messages and made derogatory remark on me.However later he confessed about that and apologized for the mistake. Actually do you know that it is a biggest crime and it can lend you to jail under IT Act 2000 of Indian penal code. So I hope how you understood how illegal it is.

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