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The Assam State Assembly on friday presented ‘Population and women Empowerment Policy of Assam’ under which people violating the legal age of marriage will not be eligible for Assam Government jobs.He/she cannot participate neither in any employment nor employment generation scheme.

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However there is also one more catch in the policy, Candidates having two children will only be eligible for employment in the Government Jobs .The policy has a strict provision to ban people with more then two children from contesting election for panchayat, municipal and other statutory bodies and committees at the state level.

While presenting the policy Health and Education minister said,”The main motive behind the police was to Empower women for making learned choices regarding motherhood as this policy would ensure them to lead better living conditions.”

He further added,”population explosion is like a cancer cell which spells to the adjacent areas very fast”.One society is suffering economically and another society is facing threat of loosing its indegenous identity.

We cannot deny the fact that Assam has one of the most complex demographic scenarios in the country and it is facing a tough challenge .The policy pointed out that the population of Assam increased to 3.12 crores (2011 census report) from 2.66 crores (2001 census report).

However there is a meagre decline in decadal growth of population but the rate of growth the rate of growth at a peak level 17.07 .

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Assam Government complying with aim and objectives set out  by
National policy on population and National policy for womens empowerment and to refrain the alarming growth rate of population  ,so that each and every family of state enjoys the equal rights and a quality life with education and health benefits .

So the  Government proposed the policy which optimise family size which will aspire each and every family a freedom to lead a higher standard of living.

What are you views regarding the new policy by the Assam Government ? Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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