5 Things A Girl Really Wants From A Guy


Guys can be totally confused when it comes to knowing what women really wants. They think, girls are vary much complicated. But honestly, it is really not that complicated. So, today we eill be discussing the five things a girl really wants from a guy. Check it out below:


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This isn’t the kind of attention that so many guys say is a total turn off mean the ‘Look at me’, ‘Pay me compliments’, ‘Shower me with gifts’ etc. A girl needs the type of attention that shows he really does listen. It means he wants to know exactly what is going on in her life and how he can be a positive part o it. Pay attention to what’s she is saying and always, ALWAYS remember her BIRTHDAY and your anniversary.


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When you are in a relationship, you want to feel like you are each others person. Your man is the one who lifts you up and encourage you to be the best of you can be. If she is feeling insecure, unconfident, then she wants you to remind her that she and make her feel secure about herself.


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This is an important part in a relationship. At time, we all go through tough times in life, and most for women, they’re are going to turn to their partner in times of need. So, a guy really needs to be there for his girl. In case, give her a tight hug and assure her that everything will be fine and that there’s nothing to worry about. Cancel your all plans and be by her side, to support her.


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It’s too an important part in a relationship. Guys often don’t realize just low important. Honesty is to a woman. it’s huge. If you wanna go out with your friends,just tell her. Don’t pretend you need to work late. Trustonce gone, is hard to get back. A women needs to know, her man is 100% truthful. And guys don’t forget to respect her because honesty and respect often go hand in hand.

Thoughtful Gifts

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Guys really don’t need to buy expensive gifts. A gift with plenty of thought behind is worth so much more than one that’s only got plenty of money behind it. A thoughtful gift proves a guy really knows his girl. It shows that he pays attention and wants to enhance her life. It really doesn’t need to her birthday or your anniversary to buy a gift. It’s just the simple way of showing love and care towards her.

Hope this would help you guys to improve your relationship and get to know your girl better

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