5 Reasons Why Neel Akash Became Popular Among Assamese Youngsters!!


Neel Akash, A well known singer from the year 2015 from Assam. Since he released 2 album “Enajori” And Bihuwan he become popular in front of the assamese singers. After “Sakuntala”, The biggest hit of 2017, he again the second part of Bihuwan i.e. “Bihuwan 2”. All the 5 songs become superhit till now. Specially “Masole Goisilung” a folk-fusion has become Viral. From the aged to younger all people start liking Neel Akash. But Why? Yes These are the reasons-

1. His Voice : He becomes very popular for mesmerising voice quality. Everyone gets attracted on his voice tone.

2. His Believe in Quality: His all songs have a unique quality. All the lyrics of his songs are very good. Even small kids also are attracted. On Youtube, you can check various kids version of his songs Specially “Masole Goisilung and “A Moina” from His Latest Release “Bihuwan 2”

3. His Pleasant Nature : Neel Akash is a cool guy. He avoids controversy.

4. His Style : apart from singing, he is a very stylish guy. Though he is originally from a very small place, but he always keep him stylish. He has an uncommon tatto on his hand and has a unique hairstyle.

5. His Looks Fitness : He is a very handsome hunk. Hahaha… So Girls crazy over him. He is very conscious about his fitness. Though he can’t go to gym regularly, he can maintain his health and body.

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