5 places in Guwahati where you can visit with your loved one


Usually in this generation most of the teenagers are in relationship(except Lilimai members😂😂).We are like to spend time with our loved one in romantic places .So,I am presenting some places in Guwahati where you can visit your girlfriend.

1)Dighali Pukhuri-This is one of the oldest man made lake in assam.The king made this for daughter’s sawamvar. This one of the most romantic place in Guwahati for couples.The decorated garden even more attractive for couples.Couples can have a boat ride there.

2)Umananda River Island-It is situated in the midst of river Brahmaputra.It is among the most romantic places in Guwahati.

3)Ferry Ghat-It is in the northern part of the city.Ferry Ghat is among the most peaceful place in Guwahati.Couple can enjoy a boat ride to umananda island from ferry ghat.

4)Isle Natura-Isle Natura is the best place in Guwahati for dating.Couples can have a romantic dinner at beach side with a incredible scene.

5)Tera Maya-It has some of the best Italian and all kind of asian food.You can spend a crazy evening together in rooftop seating area.This is the finest place in Guwahati for dating.

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