10 Ways To Express Your Love Without Saying Anything


Love…the most beautiful emotion one can ever experience. It is a selfless feeling without any terms and conditions. But there are times when you really feel shy or timid to express your love for that special person of your life. It is quite suffocating when you are unable to express your feeling. There are some ways to express your love without saying those beautiful words, I love you and make them feel you do without making the situation more complex like hell and frustrating.

       But be sure that, while trying to express your love, don’t be extra possessive. This makes the person uncomfortable with you and this may lead to a rampart between you and you beloved one. So it’s better to win the heart if that special person with patience. So, let’s start..


  1. Always make yourself available:

Hold their hands and make them feel, yes! You are there, anytime they need you. This makes the person respect you even more.

  1. Try to love whatever they love:

Develop an interest in their hobbies and make it yours. They will be happy if your interest matches.

  1. Be a good listener:

Everyone loves a good listener. When they are trying to communicate with you, respond them with all your heart. Make them feel special and try to get fully involved in the conversation.


4.Texting frequently:

Send them messages randomly and make them feel you are thinking about them.


  1. Make eye contact every time:

Eyes never lie. Sometimes eyes speak whatever you can’t express by your words.


  1. Be supportive:

Try to be the pillar of their life. Support their choices, be with them in times of their emotional distress, support their career choice.


  1. Make adorable flirting within limits:

Say something lasting eye contact with a smile. Make them blush. You can make some witty jokes and turn the person away.


  1. Send them some gifts:

Give them gifts whether it is the smallest one or the most precious one you have. This makes them think of you more often than usual. 😉


  1. Surprise them:

Try to surprise them in every possible ways. Visit their home, college, workplace without their knowledge or buy them gifts online and send them.


  1. Be in love with yourself:

The most important part is loving yourself. Because you are going to give them what you love about yourself. So, love yourself and give the whole of you to them.


If your beloved one responds positively, start spending time with them. Go for a date or a movie. Start thinking for taking your relationship forward.

When everything is on going perfectly, try to express your love through words. Get cosy with them( only if they are okay with it) . Hold their hands, go for a walk, steal a kiss and make the moment more special and romantic. When you feel it is the right time, think about getting married. Take your to its peak. You deserve to live happily. Because you work hard enough to make that special person a part of your life.

Are you thinking for giving a trial ;)…

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