10 Assamese slang word that we use in our daily talk


When started learning a new language 1st thing we want to know slang word in that language instead of main language.So, We are presenting 10 slang words that we use daily.

1)KAMUR-A popular sarcasm ,a person who irritate you every time and make a situation that has more irritation that constipation.

2)KHOTAHUR-Generally used to define wicked kids who leaves trail of destruction where ever he goes. Specially quality of throwing mobile phones,expensive items.Beware of them.

3)NAAM NEJANU-This is more an exclamatory negation of someone than a Gali, indicating the speaker knows much more than what is actually known to the listener about a person. Well, Shakespeare said it differently in Romeo & Juliet when he said “What’s in a Name” but then we aren’t Shakespeare, are we?

4)OXOVYO-Generally used by girls when their male friend started to talk about sex or vulgar word .The girl say to boy OXOVYO with a shyness and smile.

5)LAGIBI NEKI-Developed and used among the youth, this phrase is used to express fury with someone over some issues, mostly initiating for a fight with the rival party. The one saying these words will precisely be seen with a gang or yelling at the other end of the line.

6)SOR LAGE?-‘Sor’ or ‘slap’ is used to express an aversion contemplating an outrage of physical or verbal abuse. There are again different types of sor in the Assamese society- sandalor sor, ulta hator sor, kantoliya sor, etc.

7) KANIA-Generally means someone who is too lazy to do anything and intoxicated to think properly.He is fellow useless.

8)HOBO DE-It use in positive and negative sense.If some one irritating by giving advice and we simply reply HOBO DE.

9)HARAMOR NEGUR-Generally means devil’s tail .Who has a lot of bad ideas to destroy others.

10)BAPEROR MURTU-It used to all kind of people. Who speaks without knowing anything ,and make mistake all time then you can say to him “BAPEROR MURTU”.

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